Dr. Jasim awarded Ekushey Gold Medal

Tauhidur Rahman Suman: Dr. Jasim Uddin Ahmed was awarded Ekushey Gold Medal this year on 20 February 2016 by the Govt. of Bangladesh.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina awarding gold medal to Dr. Jasim Uddin Ahmed

The Certificate

The Ekushey Gold Medal
The Ekushey Gold Medal

Dr. Jasim was born on January 01, 1933 (according to Matriculation certificate), at Gouripur, District Comilla, Bangladesh. His father Moulavi Wazuddin Ahmed and mother Mrs. Rahatunnessa. His Matriculation is from Gouripur SA High School, with First Division Scholarship,1948, I.Sc.,  Comilla Victoria College 1950  First Division, B.Sc., Dhaka University with Distinction1952, M.Sc. Dhaka University in 1955, First Class First. His job – March, 1956 Lecturer in Physics Dhaka Government College, joined Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission in December 1957, went with scholarship to USA, did M.S 1959 from University of Rochester in radiation safety, came back to Pakistan and joined the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Laboratory, Karachi in 1959.

In 1961 he was transferred to Dhaka, was in-charge of setting up the Pakistan’s First Nuclear Medical Centre at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital, and in parallel he was assisting setting up the Nuclear Agricultural Research Centre, in Dhaka. In January, 1963 he went on scholarship to the University of Michigan, Michigan, USA for Ph.D. in Radiation Safety and after completion of his Ph.D. he returned and joined Dhaka Atomic Energy Centre in April, 1966 as the Chief of the Radiation Safety Division.

In March 1968, he was transferred to PAEC Headquarters in Karachi and from there, when he was a Director; he joined the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, Austria under sponsorship of Pakistan Government, in April 1970. He worked at the IAEA for 24 years and retired in April 1994 from the position of Director and Head of Radiation Safety Section. After retirement he did international consultancy in his professional subject until 2000.

Dr. Ahmed has remained active in his professional subject about 50 years, was advisor to about 40 countries, traveled to about 70 countries around the world. On the subject of environmental radiation protection he made full evaluation of national programs of 7 countries, and set up their national programs. He prepared the regulations for eight countries on radiation protection in the mining and milling of uranium and thorium and general radiation protection regulation for two countries. While at job at the IAEA Dr. Ahmed prepared many books on radiation Safety Standards, Codes, Guides and Technical Reports, which are being used all over the world.

Dr. Ahmed is a well-known Language Veteran. On 21 February, 1952 he was the front line fighter against the oppressive police. Martyred Abul Barkat was on his right side, practically touching Dr. Ahmed. When Abul Barakat fell down with fatal bullet injury Dr. Ahmed, the then resident student of Salimullah Muslim Hall, was the first person to take Barakat on his lap, and was soaked with his gushing warm blood. Dr. Ahmed’s booklet on “Amar Dekha Ekushe February” presents his eye witness account of his experience of 21 February, 1952.

When in Vienna he made efforts to establish grand mosque with support of embassies of many Islamic countries. This mosque was established with full financial support of Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Ahmed initiated, together with a few friends, Friday Jumma prayer at the United Nations Building in Vienna in 1984 and led Khutba and Jumma prayer there for 12 years.

Since 1975, Dr. Ahmed has been researching on the scientific topics in the Holy Qora’n and interpreting in the light of knowledge of science and technology. He has been lecturing on these topics in many places, mainly abroad. He is also researching on other religions around the world.

Since 2003 he engaged himself in writing poems, and over a span of few years he has published many books of poem and rhyme, many of which are translated by himself into English. His book on “Random Verses” is a new contribution to literature. His books are:1. Hoyto Kichhuna (Perhaps Nothing), both in Bengali and English– 2003, 2. Amar Dekha Ekushey February (My Eye Witness of Twenty First February) – 2003, 3. Obarito Mon (Bengali)–2004, 4. Endless Mind (Translation of Obarito Mon) – 2004, 5. Premsagar (Waves of Love) both in Bengali and English – 2005, 6. Chhharar Jhora (A Basket of Rhymes) both in Bengali and English  2005, 7. Tobu Likhi Bar Bar (Bengali) – 2006, 8. Writing Time and Again (Translation of Book No. 7) – 2009, 9. Random Verses – 2006, 10. Padma Gongar Kobita (A joint Bangladesh and India book of poems) – 2006, 11. Ontor Dola (Poems,Bengali – 2007, 12. Heart Quiver (Translation of book Ontor Dola) – 2010, 13.Do Dol Dola (Rhymes, Bengali) – 2007, 14. Chharay Chharay Janmabhumi 1 (Rhymes, Bengali) – 2008, 15. Chharay Chharay Janmabhumi 2 (Rhymes, Bengali) – 2008, 16. Chharar Mala (Rhymes, Bengali) – 2008, 17. Ekusher Darpan (Memory of Twenty First) – 2008, 18. Book on English Translation of Poem The Grave – 2008, 19. Moner Chhara (Rhymes, Bengali) – 2009, 20. Book on English Translation of Poem The Rebel – 2009, 21. Moner Kobita (Bengali) – 2010, 22. My Eye Witness Account of Twenty First February (Translation of Book No. 2) – 2010, 23. Poems of Heart (Translation of Book No. 21) – 2010, 24. Premer Kobita (Bengali) – 2011, 25. Poems of Love (Translation of Book No. 24), 26. Prem Sagar (Revised Book No. 5) – 2011, 27. Hoyto Kichhuna (Book No. 1 revised) – 2011, Prem Sagar (Book No. 5 revised) – 2011, 28. Kobitay Jibon Bichitra (Poems, Bengali) – 2011, 29. Life Spectrum in Poems (Trnslation of Book No. 28) – 2011, 30. Kobita Torongo (Poems, Bengali) in publication – 2012. 31. Waves of Poem,  English (in publication) 2012. 32. 33.Manab o Manobota(Bengali) and 34. Human and Humanity (English), 2014. 35. Chharar Bagan, Bengali (Composite of all Rhymes) 2015,

Dr. Ahmed enjoys playing Badminton. While in Vienna he took part in several International tournaments. He enjoys regular walking, jogging and swimming. Dr. Ahmed is also a Singer. He has produced two non professional CD on Tagore songs.

In social work Dr. Ahmed has made significant contribution in Bangladesh. He has established two big orphanages at his own cost, one in Shalpa Pennai, Gouripur and the other in Dewanganj, Jamalpur – about 450 orphans studying in both.  Also he bought one kattha land for a big orphanage at Merajnagar, Dhaka.  At his village home at Gouripur, Daudkandi Upajilla, where 550 students, both male and female, are studying, many of them free of cost. Dr. Ahmed is meeting practically the full cost. More than 100 persons, including the orphan and poor students are residents with free food and free lodging.

Dr. Ahmed is a Rotarian, a PH,- a member of the Rotary Club of Dhaka North East and for his good service he was awarded Rotary International Talent in Rotary Award in 2014.

 Special Correspondent, Dhaka Bureau, Daily Sangbad Konika