Mughal jewellery galore

Rise and shine people! Not quite feeling bright and beautiful? Don’t worry, before the winter blues set in permanently, let’s discuss something as fascinating as jewellery.

Surely by now, I have your attention. Now read on…

We all know that most of us live and breathe life only because there’s something delightful in the world as winter weddings and ‘kachchi biriyani’; well someone of us even live extended lives because of all the ecstasy related to makeup, dress up and jewellery.

So, what if this winter, you wanted to dress up as Empress Noorjahan, for instance? What kind of jewellery would you wear at the wedding of your closest pal?

Mughals, were particularly keen about anything shiny, dangling and larger than the size of your heart. Of course, you can replicate similar sentiments with relatively inexpensive costume jewellery instead of the real deal.

One thing Mughals particularly loved were pearls, so whatever you plan on wearing, try to keep a sizeable amount of this precious object attached to your statement jewellery. A single string of pearls is more British then Mughal, so if you are indulging in the style of the Indian Subcontinent; opt for more layers. Five is a lucky estimate.

If you want to go beyond and explore the zillions of precious and semi-precious stones available; then please feel free to do. No Mughal jewellery is ever complete without their shine.

‘Jhapta’, ‘Jhumka’, ‘Noth’ are all regal creations of the glorified era; they look essentially well when paired with other Mughal tributes like the ‘Lehenga’, ‘Sharara’ and ‘Anarkali’ dresses.

We really hope these few pointers will help you go back to a magical time ruled by the emperors and empresses.  Even if you cannot physically transport yourself, at least your heart will be in solidarity with the grandeur of the flamboyant dead!