Mane Suits Bijoy

A nickname doing the rounds in the national team recently is ‘MS Bijoy’, that cricketers and even fans have been jokingly calling wicketkeeper-batsman Anamul Haque for his hairstyle over the past few months.

The 25-year-old seems to enjoy his new look, wearing the hair down to his shoulders, and the comparisons it invites with former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni who had the same hairstyle in his early career.

The cricketer had said during the National Cricket League that he will cut his hair if he earned a recall to the national team.

“Actually, my mother likes long hair,” Anamul said with a broad smile. “Although my father does not like it, I kept it long because my mother likes it and she said: ‘you made a comeback to the national team, so keep it long and concentrate on your game. If you want, cut it off later’.”

When it was suggested that he had modelled his new look after Dhoni’s, Anamul denied it.

“Maybe it’s because of the similar jersey number, but it’s not like that,” he said.

It now remains to be seen whether Anamul’s long hair brings him the fortune his mother anticipates and he performs like Dhoni circa 2007 on his comeback.