Allegations taint day-2 exam too

Staff Correspondent

Like in Bangla first paper, allegations of question paper leak surfaced in Bangla second paper of the Secondary School Certificate examinations held yesterday.

This time too the section for multiple-choice questions (MCQ) of “Kha” set was allegedly leaked and was doing the rounds on different Facebook pages around 45 minutes before the exam started at 10:00am.

The leaked questions matched those in the actual test paper and went viral on social media sites and messenger groups, a number of guardians alleged.

A Facebook account with the name Tusher Shuvro [in Bangla] uploaded the MCQ questions of “Kha” set on a facebook page around 9:15am with answers written on a white sheet of paper.

After the exam ended, the same person posted a status asking if the leaked questions were actual or not. Many replied that those exactly matched with those in the test.

In the comment section, some respondents even made requests to leak the questions much earlier as they had missed it this time. There were also requests to leak the questions for upcoming English exam.

Some Facebook pages and groups claiming to have the accurate question papers for the exams even started advertising before the SSC exam began.

A Facebook page advertised on January 30: “Those who took question papers last year know those matched exactly. This year also, by the grace of the Almighty, I am giving you assurance of selling question papers with 100 percent common.”

Earlier, images of the “Kha” set MCQ questions of Bangla first paper went viral on Facebook before the exam began and many of the questions matched with those in the actual test paper.

Many guardians and social media users vented frustration over the matter of question leakage repeatedly in every public examination.

“My son studied and toiled hard over the year. It is frustrating that the authorities are still unable to stop the question paper leak,” a guardian said angrily.

The Daily Star tried and failed to contact the person who is the chairman in charge of Dhaka Education Board.

However, an official of the board, wishing not to be named, said they have learned about the allegations. “The board will seek help from the law enforcers in this connection,” the official added.

More than 20 lakh students have registered for the SSC and equivalent exams being held by the same questions in all boards this year.

The education ministry has taken several measures to check question leak that marred last year’s SSC, HSC and JSC exams.

As part of its efforts, the ministry this year made it mandatory for all examinees to enter and be seated at their respective centres 30 minutes before the exam starts.

The ministry has also shut all coaching centres a week before the exams. It even considered blocking Facebook for a “short time” during the exam hours.

Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid had previously told the media that exams would be cancelled as soon as the leaks were proved.