Time Out reveals ‘the most exciting cities’ to live in right now

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In a survey of 15,000 residents in 32 cities, the Windy City was named the best city for “having it all,” notably taking the highest score in the food and drink category, and pulling in above average performances in happiness, culture, affordability, city pride and neighborhood.

Where the city falls short, however, is in the area of safety.

Meanwhile, rounding out the podium are Porto, Portugal and New York.

Respondents were asked to score cities across dimensions like food, drink, culture, friendliness, affordability, happiness and livability.

Here are some other interesting findings:


The cliché, it appears, is true. According to the results of the survey, Parisians have more sex than any other city on the list. Consequently, they’re also the most sleep-deprived.

New York

New Yorkers work hard, but they play hard too, as the Big Apple was named the city with the best nightlife.

Porto, Portugal

The friendliest city on the list is Porto, which emerged the best place for making new friends and finding love.


More people eat food on their feet in Bangkok, than in any other city. Hence, its title as the street food capital of the world.

Washington DC

The city that swipes the most? Washington DC has the most singles in the city.


With 92 percent of residents saying they enjoy living in Melbourne, the Aussie city is the top-ranked city in the happiness category.

Mexico City

At an average of 76 outings to museums, cinemas, galleries and theaters a year, residents in Mexico are the most cultured.

Here are the top 10 cities:

1. Chicago

2. Porto, Portugal

3. New York

4. Melbourne

5. London

6. Madrid

7. Manchester

8. Lisbon

9. Philadelphia

10. Barcelona