A glimse of Robolution 2018

MIST Robotics Club of Military Institute of Science & Technology recently hosted “ROBOLUTION-2018”, the one of the biggest robotics events of the country. Following the footsteps of its past success, this year’s event hosted almost one thousand participants from all over the country. Among the eight segments of the event were line follower bot challenges, bot fight, quad copter challenge, poster presentation, CAD designs, idea contest, project show & gaming contest. The chief guest was the renowned Professor Kaykobad of Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology and as chief patron of MIST, Maj Gen Abul Khair, NDC, PENG. Leading scientist Professor Khondkar Siddique-e-Rabbani adorned the closing ceremony along with high officials from Bangladesh army, navy & air force. This year, almost 250 contestants participated in the line follower event. Besides, there were almost 200 contestants in bot fight, 70 in quad copter challenge, 60 in CAD designs, 90 in idea contest, 50 in gaming fest, 60 in poster presentation & 110 in project show individually or by forming a team. “PIRATES OF MIST”, a team from the hosting institution secured the runners up position in the competitive bot fight segment.