Turongomi to participate in Philippine int’l dance fest

Bangladeshi dance troupe Turongomi has been invited at Dance Xchange: Philippine International Dance Festival 2018 from April 26-30, 2018, according to a press release.

The invitation comes from the government of Philippines, which has declared the last week of April as National Dance Week. The government has also organised a wide range of events involving dance to welcome International mainstream dance groups to their country, with the motto of “Cultural Connectivity through Dance”.

Turongomi will showcase their production “Anamika Sagorkonna” and choreography “Nondini & Forever” at the festival. Pooja Sengupta, the leader of the troupe, will conduct a workshop on her style of Bangladeshi Dance for international performers at the festival.

Turongomi is expecting to fly with a team of six members: Susmita Lopa, Md. Farhad Ahmed, Kazi Raihan, Md Hasan Uddin and Pooja Sengupta as the head of the delegation. The tour is supported by Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd.