The Kabi Guru Lives on

“The ultimate truth of our personality is that we are no mere biologists or geometricians; we are the dreamers of dreams, we are the music-makers.” 

– Rabindranath Tagore


Today marks the 157th birth anniversary of the polymath who took Bengali literature and music to unforeseen heights. Having been the first non-European individual to win the Nobel Prize, Tagore transcended his status as a Poet, Composer, Dramatist and artist to become a true philosopher who inspired his own school of thought.  Rabindra Sangeet, in particular has become an entirely new genre of music that is still played and researched world-wide. There is not much we can say about the Rabindranath Tagore that has not already been said. On this Rabindra Jayanti, may we be able to comprehend and appreciate the philosophy that the Kabi Guru left behind, through which he still lives on.