Bangladeshi charged with killing of 4 in Canada

Police have arrested a 23-year old Bangladeshi youth with suspected links to killing four members of his family, including parents, in Canada.

The incident took place at a house in the Markham suburb of Toronto around 3pm (local time) on Castlemore Ave on Sunday, according to York Police spokesman Andy Pattenden.

The arrested has been identified as Menhaz Zaman, son of Mohammad Moniruz Zaman who migrated to Canada decades ago from Tangail in Bangladesh. Menhaz along with his mother Momotaz Mukta Zaman, sister Malesa, 21, and grandmother lived in the house.

Menhaz was charged with four counts of first-degree murder appeared calm in court Monday, days after a player in an online gaming forum messaged others saying he’d dropped out of university and felt like a “pathetic coward subhuman” who’d disappointed his parents, according to The Star, a Canadian newspaper.

York Regional Police charged him after four bodies were found at the house on Sunday afternoon. The police haven’t confirmed the identities of the victims or their relationship to the accused but did say they are three women and a man.

The postings describe that he lied to his parents about going to university, and dropped out of a mechanical engineering program after failing classes in his first year. He became depressed, and lost faith in God.

Menhaz appeared in court in Newmarket Monday morning and was remanded in custody. He will next appear Friday via video.

He was wearing glasses, a black T-shirt and his black hair was short and thick. The prosecutor read aloud a list of 13 people he is not allowed to contact.

The courthouse has no record of him having any previous brushes with the law.