AL income increases for sixth year in a row in 2018

Awami League’s income increased for the sixth year in a row last year, according to the party’s annual financial report for 2018.

The party fund currently stands at Tk37.57 crore.

Prime Minister’s Political Adviser HT Imam, also co-chairman of the Awami League Election Conducting Committee, submitted the annual financial report to Election Commission at its Agargaon headquarters on Wednesday.

The report said Awami League earned Tk24,23,42,707 in 2018, while expenditure amounted to Tk18,87,80,557.

The main sources of the income were the sale of nomination forms, donations for construction of the new party office at Bangabandhu Avenue, fees and donations from party members. Meanwhile, the main sources of expenditure were salaries and bonuses for employees, the arrangement of seminars, and utility bills.

A total Tk10,88,10,000  was earned from the sale of nomination forms, while Tk1,45,19,700 was collected from party members. The party received aid amounting to Tk7,85,85,355.

On the other hand, Tk10,56,53,100  was spent on the construction of the party’s new central office.

In 2017, Awami League earned Tk20,24,96,436 and spent Tk Tk13,63,48,319.

According to Representation of the People Order (RPO), registered political parties are obliged to submit their annual Audit Report to the Election Commission by July 31 every year. If a party does not submit their annual return for three consecutive years, the Election Commission may cancel its registration.

However, parties can gain an extension by applying to the Election Commission.