4 Effective Treatments to Cure Mouth Ulcer in Infants

Mouth ulcers are actually the open wounds that spread around the mouth lining. Commonly mouth ulcers are not affected to the newborns. The size of ulcer is from few millimeters to few inches.

Mouth ulcer is very painful so if you notice the initial symptoms of mouth ulcer in your baby, you should immediately consult to the doctor because the baby will not be able to bear this situation and never want anything to eat. The symptoms you might see are the clusters of sores or purple sores appear along the lips. The sores develop inside the gums, cheeks, lips or tongue.

What causes mouth ulcers in babies?

These are caused by a virus called “herpes simplex”. Here’s how these are affected:

  • It can be caused due to the simple kiss.
  • The sores are appeared as a canker sores caused by virus, stress or trauma.

How can you identify the ulcers?

As usual, the mouth ulcers appear on the mouth lining that includes the cheeks and gums inside the mouth. Here’s how you can identify those purple sores:

  • You would see the red bump breaks open to form a sore.
  • The color of the sore could be yellow, gray or white.
  • If it becomes big in size, it would be develop into a ring outside.
  • You may feel pain when it is get touched by food, tongue and other objects.

Why infants develop mouth ulcers?

Here you will find some important reasons of mouth ulcers in infants. So let’s take a look:

  • Over stimulation and over tiredness can be a reason because it can suppress the immune system. It becomes easy for infants to develop ulcers in their mouths.
  • Biting inside the infant’s cheek or chewing.
  • When tooth brush damages the soft tissues inside the gums.
  • When any kind of injury caused inside the mouth without any object.
  • High anxiety or severe stressful condition.

The infants and adults go through the similar experiences. The ulcer when slows down its condition by the time, your infant will get relief soon.

Vital considerations

As ulcers are not usually affected to infants or newborns, here are some vital considerations you should keep in your mind to rescue your baby from getting these:

  • When your baby turns 5 years old, canker sores are most common problem.
  • Mouth disease and hand-foot diseases are seen when baby is 1-5 years.
  • Herpes virus occurs between the ages of 1-3.
  • You should get in touch with your doctor if your baby is suffering from such kind of ulcers.
  • Ulcers when ignore, it may result from infection to other conditions.

Treatment for mouth ulcer in infants

Mouth ulcers generally become better their own sometimes. It takes usually 7 to 10 days for cure.  Here you will find some treatment options for getting rid of the ulcers:

  1. Various kinds of treatment options are available in this case. But make sure that whatever option you choose; you should have to take the appropriate treatment for your baby.
  1. Breast milk is the best option which is the chilled formula for baby’s relaxation and relief.
  1. The baby may be prescribed the topical medicines, creams or gels.
  1. Pain killers such as acetaminophen are recommended to get relief in this case.

How to reduce the risk of mouth ulcers?

You cannot do anything in this case actually but you can do some prevention to stop getting these inside the mouth. You can reduce the risk of occurrence and re-occurrence to some extent:

  • Remember that your baby gets adequate sleep.
  • Regular sleep routine is the most important key point.
  • Make sure that your baby is not suffered with any kind of irritating problem or unnecessary stress.
  • Give his meals to the required time during the day.
  • Reduce the acidic form of foods like cherries, pineapples, strawberries and citric fruits.

If you notice that the ulcers are getting worse, take the baby to the doctor as soon as possible.