Reasons for Face Wash With Hot Water

Hot Water Irritates the Skin:
The main part of your body that is the face is very delicate. It has a number of fine blood vessels just under the skin and also there are more pores on your facial skin that are not present anywhere else on your body. So washing your face with hot water is a blunder. It causes your skin to get irritated and sometimes it may also cause red patches.

 Makes Skin Dry:
When you wash your face with hot water, you think that your face will now start glowing actually this hot water strips your skin of its natural oils very quickly. Excessively hot water strips off the healthy natural oils from your skin very quickly thus making it dull too. Apart from this, this dry and stretched skin will definitely demand you to apply more amount of moisturiser, making you prone to acne and other skin infections.

Scald Your Skin:
Generally our pores are not used to or are designed as such to withstand extreme temperatures and especially very hot water to wash your face is risky