Cadbury are now making your favourite chocolates into cheesecakes

Image credit: Addicted to Bargains

Chocolate lovers can rejoice – as Cadbury have released a new way to enjoy their delicious chocolate bars. Following their recent announcement, the confectionery label have chosen two of their iconic bars and made them into baked cheesecakes.

For only $5, buyers can get a rich, dark chocolate cheesecake with a biscuit base and Old Gold ganache topping, or a sweet Cherry Ripe cheesecake, also with with the decadent Old Gold dark chocolate topping, to stay true to the chocolate bar.

The release has already caused a frenzy, with many sharing the news on social media and spreading the word of the new treat.

While the dessert is already affordable at just a few dollars, the product is also super easy to eat. As they’re already baked, the cheesecakes just need a few minutes in the microwave before they’re ready to serve.

Old Gold and Cherry Ripe are the only chocolates that are available in cheesecakes at the moment, however there’s hopes that Cadbury could use its other iconic flavours to create more.

This new take on the chocolate bars comes after Cadbury’s release earlier this year when they launched self saucing, molten puddings of the classic Dairy Milk chocolate bar and the Caramello, with oozing chocolate and caramel centres.

Just like the cheesecakes, the $5 puddings also come pre-made and heat up in a microwave, so a sweet treat is never far away.