Wholesale merchants won’t sell rawhide if tanners keep dues unpaid

The wholesale merchants at Lalbagh’s Posta in Old Dhaka have announced not to sell rawhide to the tannery owners if their previous dues are not paid.

Bangladesh Hide and Skin Merchant Association (BHSMA) president Delwar Hossain made the announcement after a meeting of the rawhide stockists’ organization on Saturday.

Delwar said, “Wholesale traders have dues around Tk 400 crore to the tannery owners. We have decided at meeting will not sell hide to them until the money is not paid.”

“We will take next decision after discussion at the meeting of tannery owners, stockists and people related to rawhide scheduled to be held at the Commerce Ministry on Sunday,” he said, adding that today was scheduled date to sell hide but they won’t so.

Alleging that prices of rawhide declined because of the tanners, Delwar said, “We could not buy hide due to lack of money as the tanners did not pay the outstanding.”