Alibaba opens doors to Bangladeshi SMEs for mega B2B sourcing event

adeshi Limited and’s channel partner has announced Bangladeshi SMEs are to be included for the first time in the Chinese e-commerce giant’s massive B2B sourcing event, #SuperSeptember.

Shadab Parvez, founder of Tradeshi Ltd, said the maturity of marketing alignment and budget spent by Alibaba makes buying or sourcing events more exciting nowadays. The financials are humongous, and capacity by which leads are generated for suppliers and deals brokered with buyers are limitless.

Alibaba Group will watch Bangladeshi SMEs’ performance at #SuperSeptember very closely, which may determine further investment by the e-commerce giant in one-stop solutions for Bangladeshi exporters such as financing, logistics and inspection services, he added.

More than five million products from over 50,000 suppliers listed in the edition of #SuperSeptember-2017.