How To Feature Alternative Art


There are loads of rules when it comes to the world of design but there are also opportunities to break a few.

When it comes to art, consider hanging other things on a wall other than a painting or photograph because there are so many different alternatives available.

It’s your home so it’s up to you what you want to highlight – and that can be exciting! Think about what you love and what you want to show off – and be proud of it.

1. Think outside the box! There are so many other options to choose from – say a shelf with a traditional object, a 3D mask, a tapestry or wall hanging, even a flag. Just have fun, be experimental and don’t let tradition limit you.

2. Remember, you will be looking at your newly found artwork every day, so you’ve got to love it…or simply change it!

3. If you have a personal connection to it, it doesn’t matter if the item is in bad taste. So break the rules – they’re there to be broken – and don’t succumb to any trends. If it means something to you then you’re onto something.